Triple Leaf Tea, Ultra Slim, 20 Tea Bags (Pack Of 6)


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Detalhes do produto
TamanhoPack Of 6
Tipo de ProdutoGrocery
De MarcaTriple Leaf Tea
Número do modelo764258
FabricanteTriple Leaf
  • Delicious premium tea
  • Helps support a healthy lifestyle
  • Pairs well with a nice tea biscuit
  • Tastes great on its own or sweetened up with milk and sugar
  • Great way to warm up on a cold day

Herbal dietary supplement. Herbal tea. All natural. Caffeine-free. Traditional herbal support while dieting. Helps promote cleansing & digestion. Ancient chinese medicinals. The herbs in this blend were used traditionally in china to help promote cleansing & digestion. Senna & malva verticillata are herbal stimulant laxatives that were used to promote bowel movements & cleansing. Persimmon & papaya were used to support healthy stomach function & digestion. Tangerine peel was used to help ease feelings of fullness & bloating, & was said to move stagnant chi. Loquat leaf was said to cool & harmonize the stomach. Remember when dieting to follow a balanced weight loss diet & the advice of your health care professional. Be sure to eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, juices & pure water. For additional support in cleansing, use this tea along with triple leaf detox tea. Traditional chinese medicine began in approximately 2500 b.c. Recently, here in the west, people have discovered the value of this ancient system which focuses on aiding the body's own healing mechanisms through restoring harmony & balance. The chinese system of herbology has been recorded in ancient texts which are studied & employed even today. This time tested knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation over the centuries. Triple leaf tea comes from such a tradition. It is made in the u.s.a. By a chinese american family-owned business. The company owner can remember stories of his own grandfather selling herbs & teas in his village in china. Today, these traditional chinese herbal formulas are available to you. We wish you harmony & balance! We use oxygen bleached tea bags. (these statements have not been evaluated by the food & drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) made in u.s.a.

Triple Leaf Tea
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