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General article name: let's go everywhere genre: jazz product type: cd label: little monster records number of tracks: 17 duration: 42:43 tracklist cd - 1 1. Medeski, martin & wood - waking up 1:07 2. Medeski, martin & wood - let's go everywhere 3:35 3. Medeski, martin & wood - cat creeps 2:49 4. Medeski, martin & wood - train song 2:16 5. Medeski, martin & wood - where's the music 1:04 6. Medeski, martin & wood - pat a cake 3:16 7. Medeski, martin & wood - pirates don't take baths 1:12 8. Medeski, martin & wood - far east sweets 2:43 9. Medeski, martin & wood - on an airplane 2:56 10. John lurie medeski, martin & wood - squalb 3:55 11. Medeski, martin & wood - let's go 3:19 12. Medeski, martin & wood - old paint 2:29 13. Medeski, martin & wood - hickory dickory dock 2:41 14. Medeski, martin & wood - all around the kitchen 1:26 15. Medeski, martin & wood - we're all connected 1:04 16. Medeski, martin & wood - [untitled hidden track] 2:44 17. Medeski, martin & wood - [untitled hidden track] 4:07 description description medeski, martin & wood have always considered their music as being for the kid in all of us, no matter our age. For let's go everywhere, they really emphasize the childlike approach to music-making, staying fun & funky while adapting various tunes of adolescence & inventing a few silly songs of their own. With help from grown-up vocalists & selected children, mmw take liberties in their musical image by relating to the playful, nonchalant, & carefree innocence of youth. The title track is a great example of being a rascal without devilish or campy affectations, as singer tim ingham modifies & extends the lyrics to the famous johnny cash tune "i've been everywhere," replete with handclapping. The scrubbing song "pirates don't take baths" is hilarious, in a shuffle with ingham & medeski's piano; "on an airplane" goofs it up more as chris wood sings or plays harmonica; while "the train song" gains speed in a sly new orleans-tinged tango, with oliver wood's bluesy vocalizing. Dr. John would likely be amused by "let's go" in an old-style crescent city groove; there's a 68 latin version of "hickory dickory dock" with spoken lyrics by lindsay dyer alongside only billy martin's drumming; & "pat a cake" is a kid's rap with martin pounding out the funk. Few instrumentals crop up, but "cat creeps" provides medeski with an opportunity to use at least three keyboards -- one a farfisa organ -- in choogling stairstep motion, but for "far east sweets" (for haribo candies?) the sound is koto-like, asian-derived & mysterious. Perhaps "where's the music," with its tacit sections waiting for the children to yell out the title refrain, speaks out the best not only on the attitude of how youth music is invisible, but also on where the core of mmw's organ funk music lies. Although Not Attempting To Be Sharon, Lois & Bram, Raffi, Or (Thankfully) Barney, Medeski, Martin & Wood Have Struck A Chord With Their Inner Child, While Presenting M
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