John Medeski-different Time, A Vinyl Lp New


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Okeh 887654424617 note: we have been allocated this lp & it is in-stock for immediate shipment. I do not know if the label will allow us to replenish, so buy-it-now. We began selling music back in 1980 & our lps are generally new old stock that has been sitting in our warehouse an average of 20 years. We stopped including lps in our catalog back in the 90's when our customers migrated to cd & cassette. We have thousands of vinyl albums in stock & have finally gotten around to listing them here. All are new & unplayed - domestic (u.s.a) albums are factory-sealed while imports traditionally shipped to dealers unwrapped while the discs are new & unplayed. A note to collectors: our set sale items are modestly priced & i describe the items in general terms such as indicating if the cover has a cutout notch etc. Since some buyers such as collectors & re-sellers care. As far as minor blemishes to the cover, bends in the cardboard, seam splits & tears in the shrinkwrap are concerned, i will note if i see them but after adding a number of items each evening, my eyes begin to glaze over & i am less likely to notice such subtleties. Remember that these items have been on the shelf for decades & some may show minor signs of storage or shelf wear. & while we pack the album nice & tight in the carton when we ship, it is anyone's guess how the box will be handled while in transit. I prefer to sell to people who are going to open the shrinkwrap & play the record & can live with a mildly bent corner. Feel free to ask about an item if you feel so compelled. Combined shipping: buy multiple items from us & we will reduce the shipping fee since sending numerous items in one box saves postage. Ebay's invoice program shows us when someone buys more than one item & we can reduce the shipping fee. For shipments in the u.s.a. The first item is $4.00 & each additional is $1.00. The best thing to do is to request an invoice when you are done shopping. The savings for international shipping is not as dramatic, but is significant & you will save money. Expert mailorder seller & shipper since 1980 as shown by our enviable feedback. A handling fee applies to international orders & the international buyer is responsible for any import duties or fees imposed on actual selling price.
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