Costume: 1066 To The Present (Third Edition)

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  • Thames & Hudson

this expanded & updated edition of john peacock’s unrivaled collection of drawings ranges over eleven centuries of english historical costume.

more than a thousand illustrations, based on surviving garments & contemporary paintings & photographs, demonstrate the astonishing changes in men’s & women’s clothing over the centuries―from the simple tunics & gowns of the eleventh century to the petticoat breeches & ostrich-plumed hats of charles ii’s reign to the t-shirts & shorts of today.

clear & detailed drawings, plus notes that pinpoint specific features such as fabric, decoration, accessories & cut, make each costume immediately comprehensible.

completely up to date, & with a new chart showing the main changes in fashion through the centuries, this is an essential reference for students of theatrical design & fashion, drama groups & anyone interested in the history of costume. Over 1100 Illustrations

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